Review: Sounds Like Violence

Sounds Like Violence
“The Pistol”
(Deep Elm Records)

From the layout to the name I thought this was going to be another hardcore disc with screams I couldn’t understand and squealing guitars I didn’t care about.  I was completely wrong.  “Sounds Like Violence” is a mix of Sparta, Dinosaur Jr. and Violent Femmes.  The disc explodes open with “You Give Me Heartattacks (sic).”  Aside from the off key singing to start the track, everything else pulses with urgency.  This EP is only six songs, but Sounds Like Violence does more in six songs than most do in an entire album.  They do more in six songs than Creed has done with three albums.  But Reggie and the Full Effect can do more with six songs than Creed can in three albums.  But I digress.  Sounds Like Violence is explosive enough to actually sound like violence, but melodic enough to bring the summers of 1993 and 1994 floating through my mind.  Back when J. Mascis was the shit and music was growing instead of receding.  Punchy rhythms mix with flowing melodies while lyrics about loss circle like flies over carrion.  The Pistol is a great introduction to these guys (if you’re retarded like me and haven’t heard them before).  If you have been following them all along, this will further solidify the reason you love them.