Review: Standstill

““The Ionic Spell””
(Level Plane)

Get off your lazy fat ass and go buy this record right now!  “the ionic spell” is easily the best hardcore album I have heard since Thrice came on the scene a little over a year ago.  I’m telling you, these Spaniards have infected my mind!  First off, their melodic interludes build each song a small fortress of hooks before the actual song even starts.  Once the crunching ferocity and powerful vocals make themselves known my blood pressure shoots up by fifty points and I want to break the first thing I see.

It would be a fair shake to say Standstill is in the realm of Rites of Spring, Metallica, and Cattle Decapitation, but definitely have their own thing going on.  It’s no wonder Standstill is driving the fans crazy in Europe and everyone and their grandmother has heard of them.  It’s about fucking time this album makes it to the states, especially considering it’s been out in Europe for quite some time (what the fuck were they waiting for?).  Standstill has shared the bill with such acts as At The Drive In and Seein’ Red and rightfully so.  When I get decrepit and go deaf Standstill will be part of the reason why.  This one is a must.