Review: Starflyer 59

Starflyer 59
(Tooth & Nail)

After nearly a decade of making meandering, melancholy music for a number of different audiences including the So Cal indies, Starflyer 59 find themselves at the forefront of the dreamy uninhibited essence they’ve been hoping to attain.  That’s right, this is the album Jason Martin’s wanted to make ever since sf59’s humble beginnings.  “”Old”” won’’t be a surprise to anyone who’s heard “Bon Voyage” (featuring Jason and his wife Julie) because as in “The Right Amount” the hypnotic vibe will leave you floating high in the clouds with the whimsical hooks, spacious synth, and eclectic lyrics.

Jason is still fascinated with life and it’s dispositions with songs like “Loved Ones”, “Passengers”, “New Wife, New Life”, and “First Heart Attack”, but songs about life are what make sf59 so unforgettable.  Starflyer 59 is an American classic that is underappreciated, but has a cult following that keeps the group going.

Their first album 1995’s “Gold” sold for more than $100 in vinyl format on Ebay and with good reason.  Some day Rolling Stone will realize how overlooked sf59 is, but we’ll all know who the real listeners are.  This band is undeniably pure.