Review: Stinkaholic

“Hurry Up!…& Wait”
(DoughMain Records)

I’ll resist the urge to open with a joke about stinking alone, and dive right into “Hurry Up!…& Wait,” the new album from California trio Stinkaholic.  Bassist Andy Platfoot also plays with Buck-O-Nine, but anyone looking for music to skank by won’t find it here.  A few songs (“Lazy Dayz” and “Don’t Crawl Away”) tease with ska-type intros, but quickly change over into more modern rock stylings, heavy on guitar and intense vocals.  This album has its moments- “So Emo” is a cutting send-up of the three-letter genre, and “Feel the Pain” finds singer Neil Platfoot describing the pain of “a toaster on [his] head.”  Which is neat to think about, you have to admit.

The main gripe here, I guess, is that most of the songs seem to switch tracks about halfway through, which is interesting for the first few times (especially on “Tomorrow,” which begins with a nifty piano lead) but eventually gets tiresome.  Despite some clever bass work from A. Platfoot that lends a Primus vibe to a few tracks, I am not addicted to things that stink.  Nor am I addicted to Stinkaholic (but if you were, would that make you a Stinkaholicaholic?).