Strung Out
Live In a Dive
Fat Wreck

The “Live in a Dive” series that Fat Wreck has been doing is great. Add in the new live opus from Strung Out to that list as well. Live albums are so much better then those lame “greatest hits” CDs that labels release and the real test for any band is, “Are they any good live?” Strung Out are one of this genre’s strongest live acts and this album proves it. The band pumps out “The Kids”, “Lost Motel” and a cover of Ozzy’s classic “Bark at the Moon” with energy and conviction.  The artwork that accompanies the record is a comic book featuring a story/art by Strung Out frontman Jason Cruz himself, making the album booklet a little bit cooler than you’re standard lyrics and a band shot. I love the energy of Strung Out and they’ve done a good job at capturing that onto a live record. This album makes me wonder, “Why isn’t this band at the top of the charts by and headlining huge tours?” Strung Out are too good to be denied.
James Wright