Review: Student Rick

Student Rick
“Soundtrack For A Generation”
(Victory Records)

Victory has bottomed out by releasing this mind-numbingly forgettable mish-mosh of rehashed pretty-boy-jangle-emo-pop-punk. Sure, one song might sound good, but when all 13 tracks are heard back to back you realize that this is ripping off Blink 182, Midtown, Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, The Calling, Saves The Day and thousands of other bands. Yeah, it says The Calling in that list. You listen to the beginning of ¬Ć”Please Forgive Me” and tell me that’s not a vocal copy of The Calling. If this had one more ¬†millisecond of unoriginal material on it the universe might collapse in upon itself. Although, if i didn’t ever have to listen to this again, I think that might be okay.