Review: Subb

“Daylight Saving”
(Stomp Records)

This band is totally a Midtown clone, and that’s a compliment. Musically, like Midtown, they’re really tight. Excellent guitar lines, song structure and general flow in each track really set the stage up for Jeff (vocals) and his singing. And the singing is good; Midtown good. Even got the chorus parts where Mart (guitar) and Stef (bass) who, aside from having completely gay names, chime in succession. The lyrics are the usual stuff; not too much here about the political agenda of the band but things about girls and being young. Songs like “Westside” are catchy and bouncy. If you’re into Midtown or practically anything on Drive Thru, check this band out. They do thank the band Fifty Nutz in the liner notes, but that’s okay, because Subb knows that they’re way better then them.