Review: Tangiers

““Hot New Spirits””
(Sonic Union Recording Company)

It’s crazy that in wonderful countries like Canada they support the arts and help bands put out rock records.  If only America could learn from Canada’s example and support music other than classical symphony orchestras, but we’re a bunch of prude conservatives.  Fucking politicians, don’t get me started on how they’ve royally fucked up this country.  The Tangiers are a new-wave rock group that sound like a continuation of the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith in their rock-n-roll or as I like to say “bar punk” days.  You know, before Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger got Botox.

The Tangiers are nothing too fancy and definitely fall within the “easy listening” realm of rock music and are awfully unmemorable.  The best track on this thirteen song record is the last one “Situation” because of the sheer rawk, but it’s definitely too little too late.  Most of the album suffers from lack of distortion and their often early Beatles type of country sound that you can get at just about any bar that has line dancing on Fridays and Saturdays is just not doing it for me.  I picture these guys in black suits with skinny ties pretending they fit in at a rock-a-billy convention.