Review: Tapping the Vein

Tapping the Vein
“The Damage”
(Nuclear Blast)

I threw this CD into the stereo and was hoping for some Goth/industrial metal. What I found was sort of a triphop sort of radio friendly song titled “Sugar Falls”. Then two versions of a song called “The Ledge”. Then that was it. I immediately grabbed for the liner notes and realized it wasn’t anything but a sampler. To my surprise I was reviewing three songs. What the hell am I supposed to say about the album “The Damage” if I have only heard three songs? Bad record label! No send Whole album!  Anyway the three tracks sound exactly the same and the only thing I could say is the band name sux. There is no reference to heroine or anything like that. After this whole experience I really wanted to tap the vein and pass out. (This is only a dramatization; all characters and events have been reenacted for your viewing experience).