Review: The Arrivals

The Arrivals
“Exsenator Orange”
(Thick Records)

Whenever I hear a punk record I have to admit that I prepare myself mentally for some redundant replicated sounding shit.  It’s always “Fuck this!” and “Fuck that!” How many times can you hear the same shit before you’re sick of it all.  Then there’s the punk bands that just have something different, it’s still punk but it grabs you a little more. Theres some cool hooks, and some drumming that steers clear of the all to typical bass drum, snare punk beats.  I just have a feeling that if I got rip roaring shit faced at some dive joint that The Arrivals would get shit goin’. They’ve got energy, enthusiam, and most importantly some soul.  So to sum it up, these guys aren’t your run of the mill punk band. If you see em’ on a flyer and you got an extra ten bucks, take your lazy ass off the couch and check em’ out.