Review: The Beautiful Mistake

The Beautiful Mistake
“This is Who You Are”
(The Militia Group)

There’s a lot of ways to kick off your album, but a mid-tempo ballad probably isn’t the smartest.  That’s the musical equivalent of you blurting out “I love you” on the first date-you’ve got to work your way up to ballad status, you can’t just go blaring that around to anyone who will listen.  “The is Who You Are” never really recovers from the too-cheesy-too-soon sentiments in their title track, causing the whole album to lack any sort of certainty, as the rest of it seems to be apologizing for the out of place remark at the outset.

Musically, The Beautiful Mistake sound like Thursday at their absolute weakest, with nothing too heavy or fast to break up the monotony of wishy-washiness.  And boy, do they ever like to complain.  On “Wide-Eyed and Wasted” they lament, “I’m nothing but tired, I’m nothing at all/ I’m nothing but broken, I’m ready to fall.”  Well, damn, listening to your music made me tired, too.  Stop bitching about stupid stuff; I’m sure you’re young, go out and do something.  Complaining should be for old grandpas that can’t move around and enjoy life.  Stop being a mental-geriatric and go make some noise.