Review: The Business Machines

The Business Machines
“Almost Automatic”
(Act Your Age)

Hitting with a rock and roll sound (hey, they actually had the balls to call their first track “Rock n Roll”) that sounds like some early Replacements with a dash of snottier punk attitude in there.  Splashes of Nirvana’s more rocking spectrum resound in vocalist Lucas Juarez raspy yowl, but the garage rock guitars usually overdrive things into a more rocking speed.

This is a Steve Albini recorded and mixed album (if one pays attention to those kinds of things) so you get the real angular guitars and gritty attention to dirty tones.  The Business Machines wear this well.  While most songs are pretty formulaic in delivery, the attitude is there to carry the listener to those parts where the band comes up with something more clever.  This is mostly just good rock and roll with little flurries of some pepper on the guitar to change things up.  Nothing revolutionary, but this rocks ok.