Review: The Buzzhorn

The Buzzhorn
(Atlantic Records)

Inspired by the greed of many of today’s Major League Baseball players, I too have decided to go on strike-you’ll see it on CNN soon, no doubt.  You may ask yourself what I’m striking about.  Well, against bands like the Buzzhorn, for one.  I’ve got other issues involving the use of the company Ferrari and the condo in Boca Raton, but I’ll save those for later.  The Buzzhorn sound like Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots.  That would be cool if it were 1993, but it’s not and this music sounds like recycled, boorish garbage.  How did these guys end up on Atlantic?  Atlantic is a major label.  That means they’re shelling out serious dollars to these guys who probably still listen to “The Rooster” on a daily basis.  Unforgivable.  The Buzzhorn are from Milwaukee but it would make more sense if they were from Alpha Centauri or some planet that received radio broadcasts from Earth about a decade late.  It’s Atlantic’s role in the whole debacle that I can’t really figure out-they’re in LA and I’m sure their radios work just fine.  So until Modern Fix stops sending me CDs by the Buzzhorn, you’ll find me picketing out in front of the Modern Fix high-rise in San Diego.  Solidarity, brother.