Review: The Dutch Flat

The Dutch Flat
(Woodson Lateral Records)

I was having trouble deciding if I liked The Dutch Flat or not.  After listening to “Ghosts” for a while I came to some decisive conclusions.  The music isn’t too bad.  The vocals are tragic.  Let me tell you all something, I can deal with all different styles of vocalization: from screaming bloody murder, to whimpering like a little lost child.  There is a place for all styles, but there is no place for mediocrity.   The music itself is sometimes neither here or there but manages to lock on to a somber, at times experimental, indie rock stint throughout “Ghosts”.  It’s somewhat disappointing to hear music that isn’t so bad, being dragged down because no one has the nuts to say that they should consider a different vocalist.  Who knows, maybe I’m just wrong about the guy.  No, that’s not it.  He sucks.