Review: The Frisk

The Frisk
“Audio Ransom Note”

The Frisk are like the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young of punk rock.  A punk supergroup if there ever was one, The Frisk are comprised of members of AFI, Loose Change, The Nerve Agents and The Criminals and the results are a little mixed.  “Audio Ransom Note” is a roughly hewn concept album, devoted mostly to how kick ass The Frisk is and how they are “a raging cyclone” with a “steel backbone”.  Yeah, it’s pretty funny but where Jack Black is able to make such outlandish boasts with Tenacious D and bring a smile to your face, The Frisk elicit a slight smirk at best.  “Ransom Note” is able to touch on a few social issues, poking fun at the mass media in “Survey Says” and the banality of a tired life in “Cracked and Peeled”.

Scattered throughout the old-school flavored (think old Bad Religion or even TSOL) album are several “Demands” each laid out by the four members of the band.  Sure, it’s kind of funny the first time you hear it, like the first time you listen to a skit on a rap CD, but how many times can you listen to a few dudes telling you what they want?  What am I?  Burger King?  Just keep to the rock and we’ll be able to figure out whatever it is you want on our own.