Receiver: The Great Deceiver

The Great Deceiver
“Terra Incognito”
(Peaceville Records)

Featuring Tomas from At The Gates on vocals, The Great Deceiver, from Stockholm, Sweden, are a gut wrenching combination of crossover hardcore vocals and early Entombed style metal.  Crashing guitars beat against each other like waves trapped in a little box.  The only difference is waves usually change and even though they look the same, there are subtle differences.  Not many subtleties going on with “Terra Incognito”.  A single guitar riff is repeated to death on almost every track.  Obviously, there is some variation otherwise the album would be a complete waste.  But the variation is not quite big enough to matter.  The Great Deceiver does a decent job of slamming through 10 songs with all the hardcore angst Stockholm, Sweden, has to offer.  In the realm of hardcore, The Great Deceiver delivers a solid album with “Terra Incognito”.  It is gritty, screamy, crunchy and angry.  Any fans of Entombed, At The Gates or The Great Deceiver’s earlier works will feel right at home.  But for the hardcore fan looking for something new, something special, something daring, keep looking.