Review: The Hurt Process

The Hurt Process
“Drive By Monologue”
(Victory Records)

The Hurt Process have a brand new idea… they’re doing this thing where there’s multiple singers, right? And like one guy screams out lyrics while the rest of the band harmonizes (they’re six guys in the band, so they must look like Gladys Knight and the Pips when they play live)!  Wow!  Can you believe it?

They do sound sweet though – the vocals are more blended than your grandma’s margarita, and The Hurt Process are without a doubt at their best when really letting it all hang out musically, like in “This Piece” which is nothing but straight up screamo, in the vein of A Static Lullaby, and just as ripping.

For whatever reason though, “Drive By Monologue” often slips into a more comatose state, with lots of down tempo numbers that fail to really capture the energy and intensity of the more raw tracks.  But don’t let that scare you away, what THP lack in lyrical quality they make up for in prettiness.  Yeah, that’s right bitch, I said prettiness.