Review: The One AM Radio


The One AM Radio
“A Name Writ in Water”
(Level Plane)

Does the title actually say “Writ”?  I wonder who in hell thought of that, like maybe they had first thought, “A Name Written In Water”.  Then one of the dudes bloomed an excessively artsy thought, “Lets replace written, with writ!”  Writ?  I feel like a damn kook just saying it to myself.  A review writ on my computer.   Thoughts writ on nice parchment.  “A Name Writ In Water” is a pretty cool album nonetheless; a lot of the tunes are slow somber pop tunes with some electric drumming and effects, giving it a spacey, ambient vibe.  The pace stays pretty slow throughout but has great melodies that kept me interested in listening.  The vocals sound a lot like that of Rodney Sellars from Sensefield, but even so, The One Am Radio certainly have an original sound going on.