Review: The Quill

The Quill
“Hooray!  It’s a Death Trip”

From straight outta the late eighties and the cusp of the early nineties comes The Quill.  Fans of Soundgarden circa “Louder Than love” will no doubt rejoice and say, “Hooray!  It’s a Soundgarden Clone!”  They have the sound a lot of small town bands were aiming for in the early nineties.  The Quill sounds like one of those small town bands who stuck with it, achieved the sound a decade out of date, and got signed to a European Record label where being a decade out of step with the rest of the planet never hurt anybody, and it certainly doesn’t hurt me.

If nothing else, The Quill proves that the roots of a lot of so-called stoner metal doesn’t necessarily burrow all the way back to the seventies, but really no further than Seattle 1990.  Sure, Seattle 1990 was plucking influence from Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and countless punk and new wave acts, but it certainly doesn’t mean the newer stoner metal acts have any true knowledge or grasp of the lineage.  The Quill wears their influences on their sleeve unashamedly, and it comes across in the passion, exuberance and mirthful bubbling over of all things rock.