Review: The Robot Ate Me

The Robot Ate Me
““They Ate Themselves””
(Swim Slowly Records)

From the looks of it, these boys want you to be about as depressed as possible, don’t you think?  The music is definitely a sad man rendition of “let’s see how many ways I can say this hurts”.  The lyrics are often centered around death and despair, but some how as the track, “We Ate Eachother” so appositely put it “we tried to bring you back, but it was too late”.  If there is one thing this band wants you to get from this record, it is to live.  Live, because you only get one chance.

The Robot Ate Me has ideas that make me reflect on myself which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me.  Musically, expect a fairly artsy ensemble (and I mean ensemble) that you might have trouble with the first time.  But as you make more attempts at giving this a try it will really pay off.  It’s sort of cool to hear a band’s out of this world ideas be somewhat similar to Modest Mouse.

This one could easily be difficult for even a true Modest Mouse fan though because the broken thoughts can be misinterpreted as incomplete.  Highly recommended.