Review: The Rum Diary

The Rum Diary
“A Key to Slow Time”
(Springman Records)

The Rum Diary’s website opens with the phrase “We have no choice but to deafen you.” Prepare to be deafened by music as aggressive as baby birds. The Rum Diary may be able to deafen someone if the volume was turned way up, but in sheer crunching guitars and crashing cymbals, they are lacking. But that lacking makes them great.

A smooth ride through “a key to slow time ep” leaves your ears feeling like they just heard a spring rain. The Rum Diary sounds a little like Death Cab for Cutie and American Football on a mellow day. The second track, “Sathergate,” would be at home in a modern western as the credits roll after Val Kilmer strolls off into the dusty sunset with Denise Richards on his arm. “the day dale earnhart died” is a great title and great opener for the ep. The lyrics of “I want a racecar” keep circling like Nascar racers making laps. The whole package gives the listener a sense of somberness.

The cover photo of the ocean, the inside diagram of “The Bottle Popping Case” and the mellow blue and yellow on the CD itself make me feel calm. Soft guitars and soothing vocals are spread throughout the album. Definite mood music for going to sleep or going to bed.