Review: These Arms are Snakes

These Arms are Snakes
“This is Meant to Hurt You”
(Jade Tree)

The debut EP from these fine folks at Jadetree does not show their age. They just formed in 2002, but “This is Meant to Hurt You” sounds like it is coming from a group of people who have been dissecting the song building process for much longer. In one breath it is art rock, in the next it is prog, in the next it escapes definition. These Arms are Snakes is poised to strike with these quick five songs.

“Riding the Grape Dragon” opens with enough strength to carry an entire album. Any band could put that song as their opener and then follow it with a complete shit storm and still come out smelling like chocolate cake. They follow the “Grape Dragon” with the instrumental “Run it Through the Dog” which floats over enough genres to make everyone happy. “Drinking from the Necks of the Ones You Love” closes this EP with a darker tone then the rest of the songs let out.

If speed metal was stripped down to the single emotion under all the angst and grit, this is the sound it would make. The anger is there, but it isn’t covered in layers of unneeded screams and chaotic drums. The closer is organized and aimed straight at the listener. It is meant to strike somewhere inside the heart and it definitely does with rusty barbs cutting at ventricles and flesh. “This is Meant to Hurt You” will hurt you, but the hurt is what makes it amazing.