Review: The Setup

The Setup
“Tuned to Drop Dead”
(Action Driver)

Wow, bristling metalcore from Virginia (why am I getting all these Southern bands these days, doesn’t anyone else make music anymore) that will knock you on your ass and then kick you around for a while.  The eight tracks on “Drop Dead” are mercilessly fast, driving, punk assaults at their best.  Wait, did I just say punk?  Punk’s not right, seeing as how there’s a cover of Sepultura’s “Refuse/Resist” that rips and proves that The Setup doesn’t mess around with their musical influences.

Screamed vocals, pummeling guitars, brutal drums, and more breakdowns than a Fiat, The Setup are the real deal and demand your respect.  The focus on the lyrics is decidedly bleak if not altogether broken, as evidenced by tortured lines like, “I’ll martyr myself for fiction” from “Dude, Where’s My Scarf” and “Next time, I’m gone for good/ I am dying” sprinkled throughout the release.  It takes a talented artist to make pain sound so good, and that’s just what we’ve got here.