Review: The Spooky Kids

The Spooky Kids
“Lunchboxes and Choklit Cows”
(Empire Musicwerks)

It’s easy to see why Marilyn Manson tried to stop the re-release of this puppy; the tunes here about as far removed as possible from whatever glam-rock epic he’s making these days.  Funny thing is, even with a drum machine and horrible batch of amateurs in tow, Manson has never sounded better than on this early incarnation of the band that would eventually conquer every goth kid’s kingdom (and scare the shit out of their parents).  Manson is all snot and attitude here, writhing and screaming to the freak-out, one-ring circus sounds of The Spooky Kids.  Not half bad goth-punk, if not for that frickin’ drum machine.  No doubt Manson nuts should remind themselves that this guy is human and had humble beginnings just like the rest of us.  Which brings us back to one of the reasons for that lawsuit, I guess.