Review: This Day Forward

This Day Forward
(Eulogy Recordings)

Five songs of passionately charged emo/indie rock.  It’s got the dual vocals, one smooth, one screaming (mostly the singer just doubling).  Creative structures showing tension on the breaks and more fluid ideals in the higher guitar parts that struggle to take off the edge.  It would be fair to drop a heavier Thursday comparison (Thursday singer Geoff Rickly actually appears for some vocals on ‘Sunfalls and Watershine’ just to further validate my comparisons).  Looser song structures and more aggressive screaming on the whole.  Very edgy for the genre with almost hardcore moments scratched into the mostly cleaner indie rock, big guitar sways and single note pickings (with tension).  Songs avoid repetition by utilizing multiple parts.  This does give a bit of a scattered feel and lack of focus on one idea in a song, but is easily exchanged for keeping the palette fresh.  Seems to be a good slew of bands coming down the pike lately with this approach, but This Day Forward had enough shine and passion for me to pull them out of the pile.  I hope their live show brings them around to develop into the creative element ‘Kairos’ promisingly displays.