Review: This Runs Through

This Runs Through
“Until Forever Finds Me”
(Indianola Records)

I like to have fun with bands that have grunting vocals.  You see, I can never make out what these guys are trying to say, so I just make up my own lyrics.  Sometimes you can make funny phrases.  Like it sounded like he just grunted, “like fairies!!”, and another was, “I know your ASS!!”.  All jokes aside, the music on this album is pretty ruthless.  Chunky guitars at times play in unison with the drummer’s double bass, giving it an early Fear Factory vibe. The production on “Until Forever Finds Me” is excellent, all the guitars sound warm, the drums are prominent, and vocal levels are on the money.  At times there are really dark melodic bridges that may bloom an artsy thought like, “It’s so sad, but so beautiful.”  The music chugs and charges, and to top it off you can always make up your own vocals.  “Your Yar!!”