Review: Thought Riot

Thought Riot
“Sketches of Undying Will”
(A-F Records)

There are a lot of political punk bands doing their thing these days and that’s just fine with me.  Now is a great time to be into politics since we’ve got a boob in the White House, but not just any old boob.  This boob is popular.  It’s easy to write a song about an idiot that nobody likes.  It’s harder to write a song about an idiot that everyone seems to love.  Thought Riot churn out track after track in their AFI-ish style, full of vitriol and gnashing of teeth against the Bush administration and do a pretty job good doing it.

“A Song in Response to…” has an awesome choir singing “War for Peace” before Marc Riot takes stab after stab with lyrics like, “We can’t hold this ground of moral hand me downs with such elected clowns…Drunk on the poison of pride!”  Unlike so many political bands that get caught up in their own bonfire of the vanities, Thought Riot never resort to soapbox preaching, instead letting their message speak for itself and allowing the listener to form his/her own mind.

Thought Riot is heavy, hard, and fast.  Thought Riot is also probably more in touch with the ails of society than the front page of your local newspaper.  Now go get educated, go get registered, go get motivated and go do something.  But take a shower first, because damn, I can smell you from here.