Review: Thought Riot

Thought Riot
“Shattered Mirror Syndrome”
(A-F Records)

Thought Riot is a screaming Emo/Punk band with more in common with Avail and such bands than any mainstream punk.  The drums are often fast paced, the guitar chords hold out over several whole notes, Bad Religion influences the vocals and group vocals usually chant the chorus.  This isn’t a terribly surprising release to be seen on A-F records and fans of fast paced Emo, Anti-Flag and to a certain extent the more open minded fans of Bad Religion and bands of their ilk ought to find much enjoyment in this release.  The songs have a tendency not to identify themselves as singular, separate compositions, but rather as one continuous run of anger that extends over the course of the entire album. Lyrically, Thought Riot is political but in no way inflammatory.  There aren’t any chants of “Kill the Rich” to be found on this album.  They’re concerned with people thinking for themselves, the poisoning of the Earth, consumerism and government lies.  Of course that’s no new ground, but it is ground that seems to be capable of being endlessly beaten and still the other paths of fast cars, fast food and endless war are more easily followed.  It’s good to know bands like Thought Riot are keeping the original punk messages alive in nice safe package for a broad range of alternative rock fans to access.