Review: Time To Fly

Time To Fly
“Birth, Work, Death”
(RocketStar Recordings)

For a bunch of kids, I got to say not too shabby.  I had just got done watching that stupid ass “Made” show on MTV with those kids who tried to become an actual band the first time I heard this record.  Let’s just say The Sly Caps can kick rocks when they are compared to bands like this.  MTV was like, we’ll get these kids who are willing to do anything we tell them and make them look like a bunch of retards.  Then the execs. thought, let’s hire some guy with an English accent and try to give them a make-over so they can be something they’re not.

The fucking icing on the cake was at the end of the show when the band doesn’t win some junior college battle of the bands Carson Daly comes on and says The Sly Caps will be featured on TRL next Monday.  MTV thinks they just rule the whole fucking world and that they can make anything popular even if it’s just a guy farting into a microphone or playing fifth or sixth generation ska.  The sad part is that bands twenty million times more talented won’t ever get the chance and that the masses will probably embrace The Sly Caps even though they lick balls.  time to fly is fairly typical melody rock music with good influences and excellent intentions, but without the experience needed to make themselves phenomenal.  Watch these kids though; life’s reality and years of experience are sure to make them reputable.