Review: Transcend Sampler

Various Artists
“Transcend Sampler”

What’s cool about this compilation is that most of these bands aren’t necessarily headliners; you usually only seen them as the ‘band before the band you came to see’, so its nice to get a production enhanced taste. So, what’s on here?

A dose of well done Hatebreed-type music: A Death for Every Sin (nice), Arma Angelus, Downpour, Drift, Evergreen Terrace (killer music – check out the talent of guitarist/drummer), Morning Again, and Unearth (which is a crazy fucking band – think Poison the Well with tiny bit lighter vocals).

Some of that hardcore, hoarse voice music, where the singer is kind of bent over and poignantly roars the lyrics: Copykill, Santa Sangre, Shattered Realm, and Until the End.

Straight ‘ol metal: Liar, One Nation Under, and Walls of Jericho

Light rocky emo stuff : Christiansen, This Day Forward and Unsung Zeros.

Heavier rocky emo stuff : Keepsake (which is actually pretty comparable to the buzz I keep hearing about them – it’s pretty good, got that heavier-then-Thursday thing going on).

And some piss poor, untalented acoustic music that you will skip right over: Dashboard Confessional.