Review: A Tribute To The Beast

A Tribute To The Beast
“A Tribute To The Beast”
(Nuclear Blast)

Oh sweet Jesus, a Maiden tribute album. Just how were bands like Cradle of Filth, Grave Digger and Iced Earth going to interpret 16 Maiden classics? I couldn’t wait to find out. Or could I? My anticipation was soon turned to a puzzled “what the hell” from the opening track(s), “Ides of March” which pours into “Purgatory” by Steel Prophets. “Please take me away/So far away” whines the familiar chorus. Please take it away, so far away is what was going through my head. The biggest hang-up with this album is the fact you really don’t get a flavor for the bands interpreting some great Maiden tunes. You get a disc full of bands trying to sound like Iron Maiden. Technically, “A Tribute To The Beast” is musically sound featuring some of the best speed demons on the circuit, but if you want to hear a band do proper Maiden, save your money and put it towards the door and see Piece of Mind next time they’re playing. Now that’s a good time. If you’re looking for some new twists to some old songs, your shit out of luck, pal. Alas, the disc is not a total travesty. Children of Bodom do good with “Aces High” (dig the solo) as well as Rage and Cradle of Filth blasting their way through “The Trooper” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, respectively. The disc ends solid with a ballsy “22 Acacia Avenue” by Dark Tranquility and Six Feet Under doing a killer “Wrathchild”. Unfortunately, there are 11 other tracks on here that do nothing for me.