Review: True North

True North
““Somewhat Similar””
(No Idea)

Stick members of Palatka, Twelve Hour Turn, Asshole Parade and Strikeforce Diablo together, and not only do you have a Florida emocore supergroup, but you also get a band that is all about challenging themselves and the conventions of hardcore. True North have really grown into their own with the smugly titled Somewhat Similar, taking emo hardcore about as far left of centre as it can go. Of all the great Florida hardcore bands (most of which seem to pop up on No Idea, by the way) these guys are probably the best. Less meandering than Twelve Hour Turn or I Hate Myself, and not as one-dimensional as Palatka and the spazzier Florida bands, True North are a true gem in hardcore. Not afraid to swing, or use their momentum to build atmosphere, every song here is a keeper.