Review: Uncalledfor

“Til the End”
(Crooked Records)

Ever order a pizza from Dominos and wonder why it doesn’t taste better?  It’s got the same ingredients as the expensive joint around the corner, but for some reason that only Don Corleone could know, it just doesn’t taste right.  But of course you eat it anyway.  Such is the case with San Diego based Uncalledfor.  Twenty tracks and thirty-two minutes of pop-punk by a three piece outfit may sound like a train headed for the same inevitable crash as blink 182 et al, but Uncalledfor actually delivers the goods.  Musically, these three lads sound similar to older Unwritten Law and Pivit, with quick power chords and plenty of start-stop tempo changes.  Singer Randy Copeland has a fairly decent voice and the harmonies laid down by bassist Matt Craig aren’t half bad.  So where’s the problem?  Unfortunately for Uncalledfor, Copeland’s songwriting isn’t quite as hot as his singing.  ‘Nights on the Town’ sets the bar pretty low with lyrics such as “I went to this bar I like / Where I met this crazy dyke / And she asked me if I had the time / She said she liked my smile / Been looking at me for a while.”  Yikes.  Hopefully Copeland finds some material for the next LP that compliments this otherwise serviceable offering.