Review: Underoath

“They’re Only Chasing Safety”
(Tooth & Nail / Solid-State Records)

Before you write this off as just another scream-o record, throw on a pair of headphones or take a 45 minute drive and soak the whole thing in, chances are you’ll start wearing thick black glasses and button-down sweaters.  Well . . . maybe not, but on their sophomore effort Underoath have returned with more focus, more linear song writing and enough hooks to fill a tackle box.  They’ve also enlisted a new vocalist (Spencer Chamberlain) who provides some on-point emotional singing coupled with a scream that literally sounds as if his throat is being ripped open with every explosion that seems to erupt directly from the gut.  The music is distorted yet crisp with a subtle amount of keyboards that provide a rich textured sound.  Tracks like “Young and Aspiring” cater to the breakdown hungry hardcore kids while tracks like “Reinventing Your Exit” provide a more accessible indie sound.  Like most bands on Tooth & Nail / Solid State they assert their Christianity, however if they didn’t thank that dude Jesus profusely in the credits you might not even pick up on this.  The lyrical content deals with the usual topics of loss and depression, but in a darker more mature way.  This album has solidified Underoath as the best six piece since Wendy’s 99cent chicken nuggets and should be required listening for any fan of The Used.