Review: Unpersons

(At A Loss Recordings)

I’m not sure what the title to this waste of time means.  As best as I could tell, this is the Unpersons’ second effort, so the Roman numeral III doesn’t really make sense.  But really, nothing about this album makes sense.  “III” (maybe it’s like ‘ill’, like “Ill Communications?”) is dark grindy-metal from the dirty, dirty so you know it’s all about arcane incantations and scary red-necky type stuff.  Sound like fun?  Sure it doesn’t.

The Unpersons do score originality points for swaying back and forth between clamorous metal and disquietingly restrained, growling mush.  Lyrically, the Unpersons are a mix of impenetrable mumbo-jumbo (“Thunder-colored voices and burnt spine”) and nihilistic prose, such as in “Beauty-Symptom” with its “I write three words over and over” serving as the only vocals on the entire track.  Um, ok.  I’ll write three words over and over, too: don’t buy it, don’t buy it, don’t buy it.