Review: Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor
““Silent Moving Picture””
(Smells Like Records)

Sort of a middle of the road folk album that is just so chill.  Where the lyrics and pianos scream folk music the bass and drums casually remind you of your favorite smooth jazz station.  I can fall asleep in like two minutes while listening to Ursa Minor (which is no small feat).  However, where the album sort of drags on a little (for those less affectionate listeners) it easily makes up for it with strong vocals and the use of intricate jazz chords.

Lead singer Michelle Casillas also plays the Rhodes and piano on this album.  I’m realizing more and more that when a band’s lead singer also plays the keys something magical happens. I think it just opens the music up to being more diverse and that the musicians have more options while writing the songs.  Not a bad collection of songs.