Review: The L.A. Shakedown 2003 Compilation

Various Artists
“The L.A. Shakedown 2003 Compilation”
(Acetate Records)

Christ, I hope people from out of state don’t mistakenly buy this thing thinking this is what LA music sounds like.  I may hate on LA a lot, but let’s face it-there’s some pretty cool stuff going on music wise.  Look at those emocore guys from Huntington or Irvine but please, please don’t bother with this colossal mess.  Thirty-eight tracks make up this two-disc monstrosity of overly important thrash, rawk, and general bullshit.

Bands like Nashville Pussy, ANTiSEEN, and The Dwarves dominate the album, snorting their way through countless songs about things that have as little to do with LA as your Uncle Jed and Aunt Hazel from Tuscaloosa.  A few acts, like Swingin’ Utters and The Makers actually contribute something that won’t make your finger itch for the fast-forward button.  Don’t bother, unless Jed and Hazel need a stocking stuffer or an anniversary present or something.