Review: Music Inspired by the Movie Scarface

Various Artists
“Music Inspired by the Movie Scarface”
(Def Jam)

A collection of rap songs that are inspired by the classic film “Scarface”. This album annoys me for three reasons.

1) I’m not sure that the idea of hip hop embracing the idea of “rags to riches” through drugs and violence is the best thing for kids to be hearing. Aaron McGruder, the artist behind the brilliant “Boondocks” newspaper comic strip (about black kids in the ‘burbs) talked about this on NPR last week; that poor children, black kids in the ghetto especially, looked up to this movie as a the ticket out of poverty. Hip hop embraced this (obviously on this album, from Too Short to Biggie) and often spoke of Scarface in their words.

2) This is a basic whore move. I hate how we’re so controlled about the next best thing, even if you got the same thing at home. How many formats has Scarface been released on? My friend has the beta cassette, the laserdisc and is now, for some dumb reason, going to purchase the DVD reissue. Yes, a new, digitally remastered version, so all you guys out there that bought the first movie and helped pave the way for DVDs’ legilibity as a format (even when you still have laserdiscs); you’re fucked. Granted, this is the first issue of this album, but c’mon, it’s fucking “INSPIRED” by the movie, and you know what that means. Just like the soundtrack “INSPIRED” by the movie “Friday”, this is a record company throwing some singles on a CD with a few movie samples from an infamous film, and letting the name sell the album. Oh yeah, I had a third reason.

3) This album is just another reminder about “Scarface”, which makes me think about her highness, lovely yayo. Oh, she’s a good time at first. A great time! Not too sexy, but still, fun to be with. The thing is, the first hour or two is great, but that’s when you become more and more dependent on her attention. You need her, you can’t stop, and next thing you know it’s Monday morning and you’re at some guy’s house that you hardly know pulling Farley-sized rails off of his mom’s dining room table. Sniiiiiiffff.