Review: Vehemence

“God Was Created”
(Metal Blade)

A death metal concept album: just what everybody was waiting for.  The concept seems simple enough; it tells the story of some loser who wants this virgin girl, but he’s too much of a coward to talk to her and she’s too much of a Jesus freak to fuck.  The young lad, rather than calling her on the telephone, stalks her and lurks outside of her window where he sees her masturbate to a picture of Jesus and use a crucifix as a dildo (ala Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”), then he sees her father have his way with her.  This lad, now distraught and angry at Jesus goes home, jerks off, later kills the girl because he doesn’t want her to love anybody as much as she could love him, and that includes Jesus.

Yeah, I know, gripping stuff to say the least (my sarcastometer is off the charts!), but the album is redeemed by its gruff old school death metal mode of presentation.  This is straightforward stuff with blast drums, raspy growling vocal fun and fast picking easy action, baby.  But the lyrical concept is just plain estupido!  Thhpppft!