Review: Vena Cava

Vena Cava
“(So Evolved… Inhuman)”

If you are from the California region, specifically the southern part, you might have already stumbled across some of these songs.   7 of 12 are from a previously released EP, but now it’s filled up to a proper album.  Good deal.  You get indie-rock with large pop sensibilities with some paper soft boy/girl vocals.  Most of the numbers are on a peppy, upbeat tempo and pop along with a smiling energy.  They have that fuzzy blown cheap amp distortion thing happening with the straight ahead backbeats, very Husker Du.

They are the kind of band you stumble across in some dive bar and end up buying the EP… which is now a full on CD.  For some reason, I picture this kind of sound going over better in Chicago than in San Diego.  Although it was recorded with Gar Woods (ex-Tanner) and that’s actually credible around San Diego.  This band is one of those solid locals that is always playing and touring and that you think everyone has heard, but for some reason, they haven’t.  But they should.