Review: vidnaObmana


By the time you read this we may well be at war.  Or, maybe not.  Maybe we’ll still be pussyfooting around in the Middle East, unable to either shit or get off the pot.  Am I the only one getting tired of absolutely nothing happening?  Either way something has got to give, so you might as well either let slip the dogs of war or turn tail and run.  I’m tired of this wishy-washiness, which is exactly what vidnaObmana serves up on “Spore”, the second release in vidna’s Dante trilogy.

For those of you not in the know (read: everybody), vidna is an ambient-techno DJ.  Every track on this laboriously lengthy album follows a similar formula: total silence, followed by an eerie buzz which eventually gives way to more buzzing, followed closely by a little more buzz.  The seemingly powerful buildup of energy is never released and the impotent output fails to justify the rising tension buried within.  Multiply this by nine tracks and at about five minutes per, you’ve got yourself one colossal waste of time.  Why anyone would associate a seventy-minute buzz with Dante’s “Inferno” is as far beyond me as our current political situation.

I think the USA would be better off dropping a few bombs on whatever factory these CDs are being produced in, thus ensuring our time will be better spent doing nothing.