Review: Vision


Didn’t these guys used to be on Epitaph?  I don’t know exactly why they made the switch, but it certainly wasn’t for the worst.  “Detonate” packs fourteen tracks of hardcore flavor into a nice, gritty package for your listening pleasure.  But not just any old scream and shout about the same old stuff hardcore; Vision is far too progressive to fall into that trap.  “Detonate” has got everything from NYHC style speed punk to screamo styled romps and even a cover (“The Break Up Song” by Greg Kihn) thrown in for good measure.  Like I said, it’s a little raw around the edges, but Dave Franklin’s gravely voice and solid lyrics keep the whole thing from descending into a thrashy mess.  Few acts can brag about the type of longevity Vision has enjoyed and this album is no exception to their storied past.