Review: We Talked About Murder

We Talked About Murder
““Expecting The Explosion””
(Has Anyone Ever Told You?)

These kids are another Austin, Texas based outfit with a fairly “a” typical rock sound.  Their method of assault is likened unto early (very early) Seaweed, but also carries a Jawbox type quality.  The first thing I noticed about We Talked About Murder is that the lyrics are often out of key, but it’s still unclear if this is intended or if their singer Rick Gonzalez just lacks the range.  Whatever it is, I would highly recommend some singing lessons.

There are some noticeably good breakdowns in songs like Kiddie Pool Conversations (a 7 plus minute juggernaut) and Beta Valentine to keep the listener interested.  The use of atmospheric distortion is a nice touch, but in terms of technique and ability this group could use a few more years of experience to tighten their sound.  It almost sounds like the band tried to record this album in one take because the drums and guitars sound a little off sometimes.  Austin is the right place for this band to find their sound.