Review: With Resistance

With Resistance
(Immigrant Sun)

Rather than go the standard hardcore route with breakdown after predicable breakdown and clichéd rants about “the scene”, With Resistance play a faster, technical, metal tinged variety of hardcore, devoid of soapbox ministries and bullshit posturing.  Oh sure, there are blast beats and breakdowns, tortured screams and furious riffs-there’s plenty of that but by allowing the two guitars to play off of each other,

With Resistance is able to infuse a uniqueness into their sound.  While there are similarities to be drawn between With Resistance and The Dillinger Escape Plan, With Resistance’s approach is much more eclectic and varied, earning them bonus points in a genre often lacking in the originality department.

The ten tracks speed by in under a half-hour, proving With Resistance has got better things to do than wank around.