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The Celebration Pipe is unbelievable, and as they are billed ‘the very best’. Small, (approximately 4” long by about 2” at the widest point) light, and beautiful; this is space age tech put to expert use. The site has the complete history with a list of all the celebrities that have received this magnificent piece, so I will keep to the basics: Made of a lava rock compound (the stuff used as heat shielding for the space shuttle), the shaft of the miniature art work absorbs practically all the noticeable heat by the time smoke reached your mouth. The bowl is metal plated. Choices range: 22kt gold, platinum, opal or Hanalei blue, which reflects the lighter heat in on the smokeable material. (Mine is a lovely platinum and 22kt gold mix, which has a sparkling slightly yellow hue). T he promise of being nearly unbreakable was a great selling point, with a little care and refraining from knocking the bowl, this $59.95 product could easily last a lifetime. Unlike more expensive, and rather un-thrilling glass pieces, this is a unique pipe that will attract attention, and provide an amazing smoke. All around there is nothing bad one could say about this pipe, it’s something I will cherish for years to come. As Cuban B said, “Imagine if they made a bong out of this.”

This is the coolest fucking pipe I’ve smoked out of this century. It’s got a nice weight but is not bulky. Each one is an original. Hits beautifully and looks like cleaning shouldn’t be much more than a poke or two. Comes with a nice little velvet pouch. He’s made personal ones for Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Marley. How fucking cool is that? If I had to $60 to spend on a pipe, this would be it.
-Cuban B

The best pipe I’ve even seen, AND the best pipe I’ve ever smoked from. No heat transfer. And about as smooth a hit as you can get with a pipe. Toss the glass blown hippy crap in the trash and invest in a real pipe.