Review: Chroma Key

Chroma Key
““You Go Now””
(Fight Evil Records)

Calm with lulling smooth tempo.  Pink Floyd with a modern twist.  The depth of the recording shows some time spent in the studio while the actual arrangements are simple dreamy atmospheric pop solutions.  The programmed drums that supply the never changing backbeat (except for the obvious breakdown) are body moving catchy, but reflect the “ok, I got this cool beat… lets write a 5 minute song over it”.  Subtle layers are added and subtracted with melancholy vocals (a nice hushed effect on “Another Permanent Address”).  “Lunar” has a more lounge effect with a bongo swing while samples from some Apollo space mission in sampled in.  There is a space theme here musically and visually with the CD layout.  “When You Drive” has some Buddha wisdom and pretty female Asian vocals.  On a whole, very moody.  Not necessarily dark…but damp.  Rainy gray.  In that Floyd way.  But with a more programmed edge and substantial piano/key arrangements that move the song.  Double up on your meds and stare at the wall to this.