Review: Defiled

““Ugliness Revealed””

An unearthly haunting is the torturous sounds of extreme death metal act Defiled, a Japanese up-and-comer in the death scene. After receiving praise for their appearance at the legendary Milwaukee Death Fest, Defiled was set to carry a supporting position for Vintersorg in Canada, which got nixed because of custom officials.  They move on, undaunted, ready to take their powerful first album, Ugliness Revealed to the waiting fans.  Tight and fast, thought not as blitzkrieg as some, Ugliness Revealed works with death metal orthodoxy: fast, distorted, with frequent tempo changes.  Defiled has a unique sound to their riffage, which has a caustic and fluid sound that seems to generate from the use harmonics with whammy-bar action.  There are a lot of moments when odd non- death metal influences shine though; something in the presentation, the way sounds get expressed is just delightfully unusual.  The guitar work has been captured in such a way that absolutely captures the rawness of loud heavily distorted guitar based music, with high piercing wail over a crunching low punch.  The bass gets a technical and brutal approach, at times there seems to be a rooting in more funk orientated styles.  This only serves to bring out the beats that are masterfully aligned for emphasis.  Almost half the tracks on Ugliness Revealed are Intro’s, epic and menacing sound scapes of dark ambient industrial. Foreboding and foreshadowing of the brutality that comes smashing out of the speakers.  Surprisingly, there overall sound of Defiled isn’’t as thick somehow as most metal tends to be.  Still, Ugliness Revealed is a very enjoyable  extreme metal album from the land of the rising sun.