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It reads like a likable southern boy’s fictionalized day-timer, complete with tongue-cheeked family warmth and Mason-Dixon humor. It took several smooth running chapters before I realized what I was taking in: “Hey, this man was a politician from the day he was born, and, his achievements really were obscured by a raging republican attempt to oust him. They’d tainted me”. Fact is, when some future planet sends a delegation to sort our ashes and read our ‘presidential stuff’ objectively, they will list Clinton’s accomplishments right up there with F.D.R. He earned the presidency via political lessons-learned. He was not a famous man before being elected. He had no family money buying his way in. He plainly out-thought his predecessor, got elected then won a 2nd term fair and square. Under his guidance, he cut everything – federal waste, middle class taxes, poverty, crime and yes, even teen pregnancy. He turned the deficit into surplus, enjoyed a thundering stock market and, he had sex with a chubby brunette intern. Many seem only to remember the intern. Too bad. If you, like many of us, let the media lead you to dislike of Clinton or if you view politics as your future shebang, it’s an eyes-wide read.