Review: Cradle Of Filth

Cradle Of Filth
(Koch Records)

The one, the only, Cradle Of Filth are back with their third full-length disk “Midian”.  The band specializes in the phenomenon of shock metal which is only gathering speed and evil.  The band that can get away with calling itself that “thing that goes bump in the night”, is proving to have an ever expanding and growing sound.  This time around, they are a little more stripped down, although still quite complex and more goth-metal then black-metal, there is a lot more death influences.  The guitar work has their signature blistering feel, but is slightly more raw, and has some solo trading, giving a more furious tone than before.  Fans of COF’s majesty and flare for the dramatic won’t be disappointed.  Included is a narration by Doug Bradly, “Pinhead” from Hellraiser.  Plenty of keyboards and various assorted other instruments help pound out the dark and menacing tone that accompanies lead vocalist Danni Filth’s dynamic singing.  Some of the more extreme black-metal vocal styling seems to have been left behind, making the album more accessible then their ’97 opus, “Dusk And Her Embrace”.  Enough is retained to warrant Cradle Of Filth the credit they are due.  They are one of the largest metal bands still double-bass-kicking today.  With changes of half the band since the last release seems to have brought about some good things, long time listeners will find “Midian” different, but only improved, not regressed.