Review: Danzig

by Derek Plank

Glen is still alive and kicking ass on stage. The Satan’s Child World Tour has been going on for almost two years now. They haven’t had too many recent dates, but decided to put on a show at the 4th&B in downtown San Diego while Glen was in town for the Comic-Con. He’s not looking quite as massive as he used to, but he had no shortage of energy on stage. His lack of bulk may be due to the fact that he hasn’t joined his former band mates on the pro wrestling circuit. The Danzig lineup is entirely new, except of course for Glen. Despite this, the band sounded great. They provided a strong backing while Glen raced around the stage and got the crowd pumped up. This all made for a visually exciting show, but there was one thing missing. Vocals. I could barely hear Glen. I know he lost some of that mass, but he’s still a big enough guy. He kept holding the mic away from his mouth and sang into nothing. I saw lips roar, but heard only whispers. I think Danzig’s got a pretty cool voice, so I was a bit disappointed. He redeemed my appreciation at the after show gathering when Glenn came through armed with a sharpie marker, gladly signing everything that was pushed his way. He was shaking hands and joking with fans without any of that rock star attitude. My buddy Marc commented that his respect level for Danzig skyrocketed. Come to think of it, he was so friendly and laid back it almost seemed out of character. Maybe he hasn’t been kicking it with Lucifer as much anymore.